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Blood Awakening
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Blood Awakening Front Cover

Blood Awakening

A dangerous game of life, blood, and survival
becomes a deadly triangle for three, unsuspecting souls:
an ancient vampire, a mysterious woman, and a street-wise human.
Before it's over, each will face a chilling Blood Awakening.

Marquis Silivasi is a loner, an ancient vampire known to be merciless, harsh, and unforgiving. He has lived to see his dark twin sacrificed, his parents hunted, and the one soul he was sworn to protect destroyed by his enemy.

When a mysterious female with a secret past shows up in Dark Moon Vale, her presence sets off a strange set of events: It is as if she has awakened the sleeping soul of the valley…and the Curse of Marquis’s birth.

Bound to each other by primeval law, the two must forge their way through an ever growing maze of danger, deception, and destiny. They must find salvation in a world without mercy, where survival demands a chilling BLOOD AWAKENING.

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